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Emerging Professionals

Emerging Professionals

The Emerging Professionals Committee establishes connections among and advocates on behalf of architecture school graduates, aspiring and recently-licensed architects and Associates, as well as the individuals that mentor these important groups of people. The Committee seeks to facilitate the furthering of ideas and networking within the architectural profession with an emphasis on the next generation of the profession. The Emerging Professionals host monthly mixers and New Beginnings Panels throughout the year.

Emerging Professionals - New Beginnings

Discussion panels featuring a variety of panelists and one moderator.  Topics are geared towards emerging or young architects but tend to cross the boundaries therein, thus not all the panelists are always architects.  Each session usually begins with a wine & cheese introduction followed by the panel discussion and finishing up with a question & answer session.  New Beginnings last about two hours and are held at varying locations around Los Angeles, from architects’ offices to museums.