AIA/LA 2010 Board of Directors Ballot

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Hsin-Ming Fung, AIA

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Li Wen, AIA

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Angela C. Brooks, AIA

Erik Hagen, AIA, LEED AP

Sharon Johnston, AIA

Ardeshir Nozari, AIA

Roger Sherman, AIA

AIACC Representative
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Julie Eizenberg, AIA

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Craig Hammond, Assoc. AIA

In January 2010, Paul A. Danna, AIA will assume the office of President;
Stuart C. Magruder, AIA will continue for the second year of his term as Treasurer;
Steven D. Ehrlich, FAIA, Mahmoud Gharachedaghi, FAIA, Margaret Griffin, AIA and Deborah Weintraub, AIA will continue for the second year of their term as Board Directors;
John E. Kaliski, AIA (2009 AIA/LA President) will serve as a Board Director in the role of Past-President;
and Michael A. Enomoto, FAIA will continue for the second year of his term as AIACC Representative.

Voting will continue until 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday November 17th, 2009, at which time, votes will be tabulated and made public at the Board meeting immediately following. Voting results will be broadcast to the AIA/LA membership on Friday November 20th via email and at