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Political Outreach Committee
-influencing public policy through the lens of design-

co-chairs:  Jim Favaro, AIA and Roger Sherman, AIA

AIA POCWith the mandate to influence public policy through the lens of design, the AIA/LA Political Outreach Committee (P.O.C.) serves as a leadership resource to the architecture profession.  As an AIA member, you are invited to attend the monthly meetings and lend your advocacy expertise towards the primary objective of reviewing and influencing government policies and regulations that impact the built and natural environment.

On behalf of the AIA Los Angeles Political Outreach Committee, I cordially invite you to a reception on Friday, October 2 (6pm) at AECOM Design, which will feature a presentation by the Commissioner of the NYC Department of Design and Construction, David J. Burney, FAIA, about Mayor Bloomberg's Design and Construction Excellence (DC+E) Program.

The AIA/LA Political Outreach Committee presents....
Mayor Bloomberg's Design and Construction Excellence (DC+E) Program
David J. Burney, FAIA
Commissioner of the NYC Department of Design and Construction

Friday, October 2, 2009 (6-8pm)
AECOM Design
515 S. Flower Street, 8th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90071
T 213.593.8100

Drinks and light refreshments will be served!  Very limited capacity. No-host parking


This presentation will serve as an excellent opportunity for the Los Angeles area architecture and design community to become more familiar with Mayor Bloomberg's Design and Construction Excellence (DC+E) Program, which is led by Commissioner Burney and his staff of 1200. "D+CE enables New York City to aggressively pursue an innovative and ambitious public works program in partnership with the most creative and experienced design professionals in the world. Its strategies focus on new procurement methods, new business policies aimed at enhancing project management, developing more accurate project scheduling guidelines, tightening the budget process, and creating contemporary continuing education and evaluation standards."

AIA/LA POC co-Chairs Roger Sherman, AIA and Jim Favaro, AIA will frame the discussion with Commissioner Burney and moderate a Q&A session after the presentation.

The New York City Department of Design and Construction (DDC) builds many of the civic facilities New Yorkers use every day. As the City’s primary capital construction project manager, we provide communities with new or renovated facilities such as firehouses, libraries, police precincts, courthouses and senior centers. To successfully manage this portfolio, valued at over $6 billion, we partner with other City agencies, as well as with emerging and world-renowned architects and consultants whose experience and creativity bring efficient, innovative, and environmentally-conscious design and construction strategies to the projects we build.
Our staff of almost 1200 delivers well-built roadway, sewer and water main construction projects in all five boroughs. Over the last decade, we have completed more than 500 miles of new roadway, 600 miles of water mains, 400 miles of storm and sanitary sewers, and installed more than 42,000 sidewalk pedestrian ramps – all of which are essential for a vibrant city like New York.
As leaders in design and construction, it is our responsibility to provide New Yorkers with buildings and services that are socially responsible, progressively designed and environmentally sound. To do so, we employ an array of programs and projects that actively respond to the dynamic needs of our metropolis. In particular, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s Design and Construction Excellence program focuses on engaging firms with exceptional design expertise and implementing innovative procurement, design and construction standards. Infrastructure programs, such as Best Management Practices, enhance natural storm water drainage and underscore our efforts to respect the natural environment. Micro-tunneling projects, which use subsurface trenchless drilling technology, minimize construction inconveniences to residents and businesses.
The foundations we build support New York City’s business and cultural success, and DDC will continue to provide high-quality civic services and solutions that enhance each of our community’s contribution to the City’s growth. To learn more about what we do, please visit our projects and publications pages. If you want to learn more about working at our agency, please visit our section on employment opportunities.


Hosted at numerous architecture firms around town, the The 2009 AIA/LA "BUILDING LA'S FUTURE" Breakfast Series will feature distinguished speakers, such as County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, Larry Eisenberg, Guy Mehula, Steven Olsen, Geraldine Knatz, Brian League, Jim Clarke, Gerry Miller and Gary Lee Moore.  The series will serve as an excellent opportunity for key leaders in the A/E/C industry to engage directly with decision-makers that presently have ongoing capital improvement programs that are helping to shape the City in which we live.

The 2009 AIA/LA "BUILDING LA'S FUTURE" Breakfast Series 

1. Gerry Miller, Chief Legislative Analyst, City of Los Angeles - July 24 (8am) - NBBJ
2. Jim B. Clarke - Director of Federal Relations, Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa, City of Los Angeles - Friday, August 7 (8am) - Gruen Associates
3. Gary Lee Moore, P.E. - City Engineer, City of Los Angeles - September 18, 2009  (8am) - ARUP
4. Larry Eisenberg, Executive Director, Facilities Planning & Development - Los Angeles Community College District - October 1, 2009 (8am) - Altoon + Porter Architects LLP
5. Geraldine Knatz, PhD, Executive Director - The Port of Los Angeles - October 8, 2009  (8am) - Harley Ellis Devereaux Architects
6. Brian League, Director of Entitlements, Capital Construction Development -  University Southern California - October 30, 2009 (8am) - CO Architects
7.  Steven A. Olsen, Vice Chancellor - Finance, Budget and Capital Programs  -  University of California Los Angeles - November 6, 2009  (8am) - Rios Clementi Hale Studios
8.  Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas - County of Los Angeles - November 13, 2009 (8am) - Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects LLP
9.  Guy Mehula, Chief Facilities Executive - LAUSD - December 4, 2009 (8am) - TBD Location = PRESENTING SPONSOR


Sponsored by:
Gruen Associates
Altoon + Porter Architects LLP
Harley Ellis Devereaux
CO Architects
Rios Clementi Hale Studios
Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects LLP

Price per breakfast/Entire Series:
$15/$135 - AIA/LA member
$30/$270 - Non AIA/LA member 





As an architect & design professional providing the leadership to improve the built environment, this is your opportunity to meet directly with Council members, legislative & planning deputies, the office of the Mayor, City Planners and Commissioners.

The 2009 AIA/LA Legislative Day at City Hall, which is scheduled for Friday, October 16th, provides an opportunity to meet with your council member and present this year's slate of issue briefs. Matters currently being discussed by the committee include:  Project Delivery Methods, Procurement of Professional Services, Implementing Distributed Power Generation, Appointing more architects to city commissions and the value of design and the vision for capital improvement programs in the economic stimulus package.

This is your chance to provide leadership on moving these critical ideas forward on behalf of the profession.

To reference the 2008 ISSUE BRIEFS:  PLEASE CLICK HERE

In addition to arranging meetings with Councilmembers, planning deputies, the Mayor's office, numerous General Managers and the Directors of a vast array of City departments, the POC works closely with key staff members in the Los Angeles Department of Building & Safety, LADOT, the Planning Department, the CRA/LA, LADWP, METRO and Bureau of Engineering/ Public Works.

The AIA/LA Political Outreach Committee meets monthly to develop the legislative agenda for the Los Angeles Chapter and schedules meetings directly with LA City Councilmembers & the Mayors Office during the annual Grassroots Legislative Day. The Committee serves to provide a resource to the City on a wide range of issues. This committee is open to all AIA members in good standing. Each year, the annual AIA/LA Legislative Day affords AIA members the opportunity to meet with City Leaders to discuss issues regarding architecture and design in the Los Angeles Community. Many productive meetings are held between AIA/LA Architects and LA City Officials and the Political Outreach Committee follows up on the results of these meetings throughout the year.

2009 Legislative Issues (download .pdf)

2008 Legislative Issues (download .pdf)

2007 Legislative Issues (download .pdf)

2006 Legislative Issues (download .pdf)


The AIA/LA Design Advocate is  weekly web blog authored by Will Wright, which serves as an outreach tool to update the membership about pending matters at City Hall that impact the built environment.  It enables a moderated forum where as the architecture & design community can contribute meaningfully to the discussion.

To access the AIA/LA Design Advocate Blog:  CLICK HERE


Attend the AIA/LA Political Outreach Committee meetings, which are scheduled on the second Tuesday of each month at 6pm here at AIA Los Angeles.  The next meeting is on Tuesday, August 11, 2009 (6pm).

For more information, please contact Will Wright - Director, Government & Public Affairs for AIA Los Angeles

Will Wright
Director, Government & Public Affairs
AIA Los Angeles
3780 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 800
Los Angeles, CA  90010

tel:   1.213.630.0777

The Goals and Objectives of the AIA/LA Political Outreach Committee:

  • To engage & mobilize the AIA/LA Membership
  • To better understand the priorities of the AIA/LA membership and develop mechanisms for collective input.
  • To Effectively communicate the POC’s value & service to the membership and to the City of Los Angeles, as a whole.
  • To coordinate public forums receptions that enable civic leaders to discuss in depth issues that impact the natural & built environment of the region, with an emphasis on urban design, architecture & planning.
  • To influence public policy legislation with an emphasis on design excellence
  • To define AIA/LA positions policy statements and communicate them through multiple means, such as:
    • The Design Advocate blog
    • The AIA/LA website
    • White Papers
    • Issue Briefs
    • Press Releases
  • To develop and maintain relationships with elected & appointed officials and staff aides that keep the POC informed about what’s going on at City Hall.
  • To effectively manage systematic grassroots mobilization.
  • To keep the architecture profession updated about relevant policies and legislation
  • To develop and ‘early detection system’ for pending legislation that may impact either the built environment and/or the professional practice of architecture & design.
  • To produce Hot Sheets, detailing members’ important legislative updates.
  • To provide analysis & identification of current issues
  • To develop a standard process for action (e.g. establishing criteria to vetting potential campaigns, to adopting positions, drafting letters, drafting press releases outlying positions, etc.)
  • To factor how relevant and emotive an issue is before requesting AIA/LA Board action on an issue.
  • To enable the membership, and especially firm principals, to draft their own letters that support specific AIA/LA positions
  • To increase the role the Architect and the profession in civic affairs and public policy matters.