2003 Awards Jury

This year’s jury included: Michael Wilford form London, Matthias Sauerbruch from Berlin, and Wendell Burnette from Arizona, as well as local architects Jerry Lomax, FAIA; Bill Adams, FAIA; Mary Ann Ray; and Peter Di Sabatino, AIA of the Otis Art Institute.

The Jury was especially impressed with the continuing energy of Los Angeles and an assemblage of projects as diverse as the practice of architecture itself. Los Angeles is an intriguing environment in which to practice, with a somewhat stage-like quality, a city of moments and experimentations.


Jury Comments

Michael Wilford commented on the intensely ambitious nature of the work he saw:“Considering there’s no clear environmental network as in most other large cities, there’s a lot of personality and character here. Unlike anywhere in the world, architecture here takes place on its own terms and must be judged accordingly.”

Upon viewing the interior submissions, it was clear to Matthias Sauerbruch that Los Angeles is an “interior culture. There’s an intimacy and connectivity...The work seemed to be even more experimental and finely detailed [than the built architectural work.]"

For more comments from the Jury, visit the individual projects featured on this web site.




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